Luis Meiners



We have analyzed kinematical properties of knees in order to develop better orthosis articulations. Actually, we used parametric software working on tomography files to be as-close-as-possible to reality.


Other of our "bio" developments is a bionic prosthetic hand for amputees with biofeedback of pressure and temperature, which features a titanium alloy inner-frame machined by water jet and surface finished/etched with 4u thick non-crystalline continuous diamond foil in order to avoid lubricants (due to it’s inherent tribologic specs).
Also, we are designing precision mechanism including gyroscopes and SMA or piezo (PZT) actuators and micromanipulators for endoscopic surgery.
We intend to make structural static and dynamic analysis for human bones with computers and mathematical models.


Current developments include a solar powered aluminum vessel (for tourism appl., 80 passengers). We analyze all structural components and the associated propulsion system (not with propellers), in order to reduce experimental-prototype phase.


Other developments under way are:
> Special illumination arrays with 3D HoloDynamics Effects.
> Levitation and Centering by cross magnetic fields.
> Electromagnetic levitation and translation of aluminium discs and plaques.
> Space suits for E.V.A. and Mars planet, with our specially developed UniJoints® in order to achive 1 bar of internal air pressure.